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Oil Distribution

Established in 1989, Arco Globus International (AGI) began operation by Abe Citron as an international petroleum services company and import/export agency. AGI was an established international buyer of crude oil, residual oil, diesel fuel, and other petroleum products.

AGI’s two-decade focus as an oil buyer was providing oil in the European and Mediterranean markets at competitive prices. They also specialized in oil refinery construction and upgrading by conducting feasibility studies regarding oil production and distribution. AGI has worked with many different industry leaders to provide international business consulting and engineering. Today, Mr. Citron Sr. continues to do part-time consulting for companies and governments in addition to running the wine division.

Alcohol Import and Distribution

In July 2012, Mr. Citron Sr. and his son, Albert Citron, redirected their logistical focus to wine and spirits. Arco Globus International launched the distribution division in Florida, bringing premium Italian wines to the American market.

Mr. Citron Sr. uses his successful entrepreneurial experience and in-depth professional expertise to help guide and shape the wine distribution company. Since 2012, AGI has steadily added private labeled product lines year after year. Today, AGI has a robust line of Italian red and white varietals, sweet moscatos, a decadent Belarusian vodka, and a full array of premium liquors imported from all over the world.

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