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Payment Policies for Alcoholic Beverages

According to Florida Law § 541.42(2), credit for the sale of alcoholic beverages may be extended to any vendor up to, but not including, the 10th day after the calendar week within which such sale was made. We at AGI prefer to work on an even stricter Payment on Delivery system. To be clear: under no circumstances does AGI sell alcoholic beverages on credit beyond the legal limit or on consignment to retailers. We reason that this policy enhances the relationship between distributor and retailer.

We at AGI have partnered with the Major Credit Card Companies and Paypal™. We accept payment in all forms so that it satisfies our payment on delivery system and Florida Law. Please feel free to use these services at your convenience. We assess a 3% convenience fee for using credit cards, debit cards, or Paypal.

Arco Globus seeks to provide outstanding service to our customers, offer the very best prices, and maintain strong growth and profitability. We also seek to enhance the Commons as a result of our business ethics and activity, especially by eliminating inefficiency and waste.

How to Pay

Your Arco Globus Sales Representative can assist you in using the on-line payment portal.

Step 1: Input the Invoice Number into the blank just below the "Alcoholic Beverage Payment Portal" subheading and click Pay Now.

Step 2: On the next page, input the Invoice Amount into the blank below "Item price:" on the left side, then click update.

Step 3: Verify the amount you will be billed, select payment options, and follow the on-screen directions to complete transaction. Note: There is a 3.1% "tax" field added to the total automatically which is the convenience fee for using a credit card. This is NOT a sales tax.

Alcoholic Beverage Payment Portal

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Arco Globus Services

If you purchased a service such as business consulting from Arco Globus rather than a wholesale product like alcohol, you may remit payment using the payment portal below.

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